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Evezhiadennoù a-berzh Prof Harold Somers

Message par drouizig » sam. déc. 31, 2005 1:29 pm

« Since language questions are not included on French censuses, the number of Breton speakers can only be estimated. One website suggests as many as 300,000 speakers and a further 150,000 who can understand Breton. Despite some public support for the language, it has no official status in France and, more worryingly, numbers of speakers are in sharp decline, with fewer than 2,000 speakers under the age of 25, leading to the conclusion that "it is likely Breton will die out in the next half century". Nevertheless, there appears to be a degree of computer support for Breton: the Korvigelloù An Drouizig webpages detail a spell-checker and grammar-checker, some localized software, and some language-related computer games. »

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http://www.bwrdd-yr-iaith.org.uk/en/cyn ... 9&nID=1190


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