[di-ve news] Maltese version of Microsoft WindowsXP launched

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[di-ve news] Maltese version of Microsoft WindowsXP launched

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VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news)--April 11, 2006 -- 1200CEST-- Microsoft and the Government of Malta have launched the Maltese version of Windows XP -- one of the most common computer operating systems -- as part of the efforts to break down barriers that prevent people from using the technology.

Computer users will now be able to operate their system in the Maltese language, as nearly all menus and instructions have been translated into the language. For example, the Start button on the desktop has been translated to Startja, Help to Ghajnuna and Favourites to Favoriti among others.

The Ministry for Investments, Industry and IT, which was responsible for the project in collaboration with Microsoft, is aware that the translations will create controversy amongst purists of the language.

Minister Gatt however pointed out that a living language changes and adapts to new circumstances, including internet and technology. Nevertheless, he added that corrections will be welcome and the necessary changes will be applied once the software is updated.

Plans are also already in the pipeline for a spell-checker programme in Maltese as well.

The absence of Maltese prevented a large number of people from using the technology, and the idea behind these projects is to remove such language barriers, the Minister further said.